Trouble Making Minyan?

You Need The Minyan Maker App!

Trouble Making Minyan?

You Need The Minyan Maker App!

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Minyan Roster Updates Instantaneously

See Who’s Coming & Number Needed

What Is The Minyan Maker App?

The Minyan Maker App displays in real time the current status of your minyan allowing users to “check in” with “This Tzadik Is Here”, “On My Way Now”, or “Sorry Not Available”. With admin rights you can call or text personalised messages to single members or the entire roster with a single click of a button. Saving time, energy and frustration.

Why You Need The Minyan Maker?

Our Minyan Maker tool enables the Rabbi (or administrator) at the click of a button to reach out to their entire congregation and know within moments if they’ll have a minyan on time or not. The roster members receive a text (with a link to the app) and can update their status, informing the Rabbi of whether they will be a tzadik today or not. This will revolutionize the ancient and aggravating uncertainty of knowing who is planning to attend the minyan and who is not. This also allows the person who might have to leave work early, thinking they are needed to make a minyan, to check in real time for who is already there, and who is on the way.



Now you can create Subgroups to manage larger rosters. Subgroups are a subset of your roster allowing you to manage just portion of your roster for specific types of minyans or situations. For example, you can have subgroups for morning minyan, evening minyan, Torah days, or even for that handful of members you typically call last minute when in a pinch.

Subgroups make it easier to send out bulk messages to just the members who are likely to attend a specific minyan preventing you from having to send a bulk messages to the entire roster.

Unlimited Minyans

You can now set up and manage unlimited minyans. So whether your shul has multiple minyans a day or even an offsite minyan you can set up a time and date for that minyan and see who will attend. We made it easy to switch between and manage individual minyans as well as send customized messages for specific minyan dates and types(shiva, graveside, ect...).

Admin Accounts

Assign admin access to roster members so you can have an entire team of congregations helping out.

Quickly Send Text Messages To Roster Members

With the click of a button send minyan invites to entire congregation or a select few. Eliminate the time consuming task of calling each member. What now takes you 20 or more minutes can be done at the push of a button. Sit back and wait while the members update their status.

Save Time - Time Is Valuable

No more calling every member, leaving voicemails, waiting on responses, and managing “the count”.

Quick & Simple To Use

The members receive a text and can update their status, informing the Rabbi of whether they will be attending today or not.

Call Roster Members

In addition to texting, the Rabbi can call members directly from the app.

Minyan Time

Update & Display minyanim times so that everyone knows what time the minyan begins.

Roster Updates

Make roster changes from your phone or from a desktop computer.



For rosters larger than 200 members and/or 4000 monthly messages (total) please contact info@minyanmaker.org.

All packages automatically renew and can be cancelled anytime by emailing info@minyanmaker.org or through your paypal account. A subscription can be cancelled up until the day before the next scheduled payment in order for you not to be charged.


If you would like to demo the Minyan Maker fill out the fields below and write "Free Demo" in the message.